Should Women Lift Weights

Weight Lifting has always been perceived by women as a man’s domain. However, there are multiple benefits of weight lifting for women as well. Five of them are listed below:

1. Increased Fat Loss: Weight training or resistance training increases the ability of your body to burn fat during and after the workout. It induces EPOC or excess post exercise oxygen consumption. After Strength Training, your body continues to consume additional oxygen. The more oxygen your body uses, the more your metabolism increases as more calories are burnt.
2. Gain curves: With cardio exercises, you lose fat but you end up losing muscle mass as well and may end up losing those curves. With Strength Training, your body starts assuming an hourglass figure which is admired by everyone.
3. Increased strength: Many women stick to the cardio section of the gym far away from the weights fearing that they might end up looking like female version of Salman Khan (in other words bulk up). There is no greater misconception as women don’t have enough testosterone to build muscle like men do. You won’t end up looking like WWF female fighters unless you are injected with steroids or testosterone . Rather you would develop a toned and defined body with adequate strength.
4. Healthy Bones: Women are naturally prone to osteoporosis. As you age, your bodies stop secreting oestrogen. Weight training increases bone density which reduces the risk of broken bones.
5. De-stress: Exercise in general help release endorphins. Endorphin is a combination of the words “endogenou” (produced within the body) and “morphine”. These are chemicals produced by the body that make you “feel-good”, prevent pain and fight depression. Weight training also improves memory by increasing the alertness of mind. When you need to de-stress next time, lift the iron.




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